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About Us

LTL Transport is the freight industry leader in managing your transportation spend. Less-than-truckload freight is usually transported via common carrier although often times LTL freight can be transported via rail. LTL Transportation is a critical mode of surface freight shipping in North America. Give us a call today and see how we can help manage your shipping needs. 1-888-236-7151 or email

LTL FreightWhy Choose Us for LTL?

There are over 300,000 small manufacturing firms in the United States and many of them have less than five employees. That means many business owners need to wear several hats and manage multiple departments.

Time is short and demands are high, it can be easy to overlook shipping rates due to lack of knowledge or time. Unfortunately, many small business owners believe that because they ship infrequently or inconsistently, there are no LTL freight services available for their needs. And, certainly, there are no cost savings to be had.

This is no way to approach the situation. Small businesses with strict time constraints and budget concerns actually have the most to gain by working with an experienced third party logistics provider for their freight shipping needs, and LTL Transport is here to help.

With our network of professional carriers, we can put you in touch with easy, affordable shipping services and we offer unmatched support. For 14 years, customers have repeatedly entrusted their LTL shipping needs with us.

We can provide you with a free, instant competitive quote from our network of reliable and experienced carriers. Whether you’re an old hand or this is your first time purchasing LTL freight shipping services, our shipping agents have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you schedule your  shipment and get it out the door on time and within budget.

LTL Transport carefully manages VOLUME shipments every year, schedule your next shipment through us and see why. We don’t require contracts and we don’t play gotcha with the fine print. We simply offer a solid service and stand by it 100%.

If you need assistance with an estimate or have additional questions, please contact us day or night to speak directly with a shipping agent. 1-888-236-7151.